What to Use Instead of Vinyl or Fiber Cement Siding for a “Craftsman Style” Look

Beautiful suburban home with exterior stone veneer siding.

June 30, 2016


When considering your home exterior and the material you will use, you have many different options. You can choose vinyl or fiber cement siding, both of which come in a variety of styles, shapes, textures, reveals, and colors, or you can go for a more craftsman-like look with natural stone or manufactured stone veneer.

Why Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding Don’t Offer the Same Look

Vinyl and fiber cement siding options have come a long way in the last several years. While they were once relatively plain in texture and came only in a small selection of colors, these days, it is possible to find vinyl and fiber cement siding that look a lot like wood planks or cedar shingles. However, while it may appear craftsman-style from the curb, getting closer to the home reveals the truth. Vinyl and fiber cement simply cannot provide the same realistic, artisan-style craftsmanship as stone and stone veneer.

Popularity of Stone Home Exteriors

Stone home exteriors are growing in popularity across the country. They come in many different styles, shapes, textures, and colors, and they offer up plenty of functionality, as well. For the most part, stone requires very little maintenance – if any at all. What’s more, stone is an outstanding insulator; it helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which can also reduce your energy bills. Stone home exteriors undeniably provide the craftsman-style look that is so popular in today’s day and age, too. However, if you’re interested in the stone look for an existing home, there’s an even better option.

Manufactured Stone Veneer as an Alternative

Manufactured stone veneer is an amazing alternative to traditional natural stone home exteriors. It is made of all natural materials, but it’s more lightweight, which reduces the cost, and it’s also much simpler to install, which saves on labor costs, too. In fact, when homeowners choose stone veneer, they can enjoy a brand new home exterior in as little as one week. It completely changes a home’s outward appearance and provides significantly improved curb appeal. Stone veneer can even provide homeowners with an excellent return on their investment.

Completing the Look

If you’re dressing the exterior of your home in natural stone or manufactured stone veneer, then it is also important to choose the other accessories carefully to complete the look. If you want a cozy and rustic yet elegant look, consider copper gutters and accessories, which will develop a beautiful patina with time and will add to the rustic charm. Conversely, if you want your home to look modern and fresh, consider all-white trim. Choose white aluminum gutters, and paint the corners of your home as well as your window frames white, as well. This will offset the stone and make it “pop”, too.

While vinyl and fiber cement sidings have come a long way, the truth is that they just can’t provide the same craftsman-style look and artisan feel of natural stone and manufactured stone veneer. Stone comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles, which gives you plenty of room for customization.