No Quarry Ridge Stone job is complete until it’s trimmed out in our matching accessories. Whether you need the functionality of our load bearing limestone pier caps, or are simply looking for an accent with our window trims and keystones, we have an accessory to do the job.  Our 3′ long sills combine both aspects by saving you installation time, and putting a finishing touch on your stonework See our Contact Us  page about custom limestone work and having your home’s address sandblasted into our trims.

Available Colors

All accessories are available in four standard colors : Tan, Gray, Buckskin, Champagne (Shown below)


Sills with Drip Cut


Brick Accessories



Electrical Outlet Boxes_rev

Electrical Outlet Boxes

Light Fixture Boxes_rev

Light Fixture Boxes


Hearth Stones

Pier caps_rev

Pier Caps

Wall caps_rev

Wall Caps

Window trim_rev

Window Trim

Rock faced trim_rev

Rock Faced Trim Stone