Getting Started with your Stone Veneer Project

Measuring units for a stone veneer project.

August 18, 2016


You’ve made the decision to incorporate stone veneer into your next home remodeling project, or perhaps you’re building from scratch. Either way, your stone addition to your home project is going to stand out. Maybe you know exactly what kind of stone profile, style, and color you plan to use or perhaps it’s still up in the air. No problem there. But what you will want to figure out is how much stone you will need for your project. The following instructions will help you with getting started on just that.

Total Square Footage

To prepare for your exterior or interior application of manufactured stone, you will need to determine the total square footage of stone necessary to complete the project. To find the total square footage of stone needed of both flats and corners, you can multiply the length by the height of each surface to be covered. After multiplying the length by the height of each individual surface, add them up for a total. Make sure you subtract any expected openings in the surface such as doors or windows if you had included those areas in your original measurements.

Lineal Footage

After finding the total square footage, you will want to determine the lineal footage of your project. This is for finding the footage of the outside corners. To do this, start by measuring the length of each corner you plan to cover with stone. Don’t forget that these corners may include the outside corners of your building, doorway, window, or the corners of columns. Include all for your lineal total.

Flats and Corners Stone Footage

To find the quantity of flat stones:

    1. Measure the total lineal footage of the corners
    2. Multiply the total flats areas length x width to determine total square footage of flats.

The actual coverage will be a bit less because of grout joints, however, because of waste we recommend just using the calculated totals as your measurement as the grout joint and waste factor essentially wash each other out.

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