Different Uses of Stone Veneer for Homeowners

Exterior home stone veneer siding

June 30, 2016


For homeowners looking to add a bit of edge to their next remodeling project, stone veneer is the perfect cosmetic addition for accomplishing a modern and beautiful update. Using stone veneer gives the look of solid stone pillars and walls, but in reality is only concrete type veneer added to an existing fixture for the appearance of being wholly stone. This realistic looking application can be used in several forms to bring some visual diversity in your living space.

Exterior Applications

Exterior Wall Siding

 Exterior home manufactured stone veneer wall siding

A classic look for a castle-like feel. Covering entire exterior walls, whether it’s one wall or your entire home, is a popular look for new homes being built.

Partial Wall Siding

partial exterior wall stone veneer siding

Wall siding on a budget. This use of stone veneer is a great choice when you want to mix and match stone with wood, fibercement, or vinyl siding. Applying partial stone siding to your exterior walls is a great way to save on cost, and still achieve a polished touch to your home.


manufactured stone veneer for outside decking

An out of the ordinary use of stone is to update the deck with veneer. Adding stone to the typical deck by building posts, columns, or a built-in grill or outdoor kitchen area wrapped in stone is a great way to give an original look to your backyard.

Gate or Fencing

Using stone veneer for a more elegant look for posts or columns with your fencing or gate can be an amazing addition to a privacy fence. Stone veneer comes in several varieties, one design option could be to complement the exterior of your home or garage by mix and matching stone.



Even using stone for a single fixture on the outside of your house will add textural diversity. The exterior of the chimney is a great place to do this.  

Porch Dormer

External home siding of manufactured stone veneer for the porch dormer

People say first impressions are the most important, and the entryway of your home is where your guests will enter first. Make a bold first impression by adding a stone cover to the pillars of your porch dormer.

Interior Applications


Fireplace and Mantle

Internal home manufactured stone veneer for fireplace and mantle

Perhaps the most popular use for stone veneer as an interior application for the home is around the fireplace. A stone fireplace or mantle is a classic look that remains timeless in interior design.

Kitchen Backsplash

Making updates to your kitchen? A simple way to bring some character into the most used space in your home is to add a textured stone backsplash.

Interior Walls and Walkways

Interior home wall of manufactured stone veneer

Opening up the walking space between community rooms can be a big decision to make. If you’re worried about having “too much” open space when knocking out walls there is an alternative method. Keeping the structural support between rooms leaves an excellent canvas to use for a stone covering.

On your next remodeling project consider all of the options for your home’s face-lift with manufactured stone siding. Working with stone veneer brings out the natural essence of the modern day home. You may be surprised to find there’s a project that will fit both your budget and your creative vision.